The History Behind Harry: The Phoenix

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books easily rank as among the most influential literary works in recent memory. Part of what makes the series so memorable is the rich fantasy world that Rowling constructs. Both remarkably parallel and completely different from our own, she populates it with a soaring, sprawling castle on a Scottish loch; a

Introducing #RedwallReads: Join Us!

Introduction It’s been a long time in coming, albeit a little slow. Life happens, as you know! I’ve been a fan of Brian Jacques’ Redwall series ever since I first heard about them in a middle school literature course. Adolescence can be a terrible time with the changes we all must go through. The Redwall series

The Nerdist Podcast that Had Me Chuckling

Last year the hit show Futurama came back for a brief moment, albeit in podcast form. This coincided with the release of the mobile game Worlds of Tomorrow, which, like The Simpsons version of the same freemium game offers fans a chance to visit their favorite worlds in a different way. Podcast extraordinaire Chris Hardwick first approached the Futurama team

A Traitor’s Daughter: Chapter Two – Dowerglen

—2— Mist rose above the rolling moors, gilding the half-melted snow tops. The early morning sun crept over the horizon, as though reluctant to let the night relinquish its grasp on the land. A gentle gust played across the hilltops, holding in its tendrils the scent of spring. Night sounds still pervaded the air: the

Musical Mayhem: Epic Celtic Music Mix

While trying to write or concentrate, I like listening to instrumental music or soundtracks. Recently I found a very nice compilation of Celtic-inspired tracks on YouTube. User Epic Music World compiled this list. This mix includes music by Tartalo, Antii Martikainen, Danny Rayel, Alex Mason, and The Slanted Room. I enjoyed this one and hope

A Traitor’s Daughter: Chapter One – Death of the King

About eight years ago, I had an idea for a story based off of the War of the Roses. The War of the Roses was a conflict between two cadet branches of the English royal family in the 1400s. It pitted the members of the York and Lancastrian families against each other in a series

Publishers to Release Tolkien’s “The Fall of Gondolin”

The Smithsonian recently reported that one of the late and great J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories will be published this year in August. Titled The Fall of Gondolin, the story traces the rise and fall of one of the great Elven cities during the First Age of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. According to the Tolkien Society, this was the “first of the

New “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Trailer Dropped

Last year the Star Wars franchise treated fans to the eighth installment of the traditional Star Wars Skywalker storyline in The Last Jedi. This year, fans will receive a new non-linear story in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Much like Rogue One, this movie focuses on providing backstory and a plotline outside the scope of the traditional Star Wars movies.