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The History Behind Harry: The Phoenix

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books easily rank as among the most influential literary works in recent memory. Part of what makes the series so memorable is the rich fantasy world that Rowling constructs. Both remarkably parallel and completely different from our own, she populates it with a soaring, sprawling castle on a Scottish loch; a

Introducing #RedwallReads: Join Us!

Introduction It’s been a long time in coming, albeit a little slow. Life happens, as you know! I’ve been a fan of Brian Jacques’ Redwall series ever since I first heard about them in a middle school literature course. Adolescence can be a terrible time with the changes we all must go through. The Redwall series

Publishers to Release Tolkien’s “The Fall of Gondolin”

The Smithsonian recently reported that one of the late and great J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories will be published this year in August. Titled The Fall of Gondolin, the story traces the rise and fall of one of the great Elven cities during the First Age of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. According to the Tolkien Society, this was the “first of the