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It’s been a long time in coming, albeit a little slow. Life happens, as you know! I’ve been a fan of Brian Jacques’ Redwall series ever since I first heard about them in a middle school literature course. Adolescence can be a terrible time with the changes we all must go through. The Redwall series helped and comforted me through this transitional time.

Now that I’m nearing a, well, more mature age, I wanted to share my experiences with others. In 2011, following the untimely passing of my favorite author, that love of all things Redwall prompted me to create the Redwall Clan Twitter account. Almost seven years later, this account has become a small, active community of those who enjoy Brian Jacques’ novels.

Late in 2018, I decided to form a book club where the community reads through the Redwall series and relives every moment. Or, for those who might be new, discovers them for the first time. Admittedly I have not been as active as I would have liked. However, blogging about it here comes as a first step to making the book club more consistent and engaging!

How to Join!

Are you intrigued? If so, come join us!

As of now, all conversation takes place on Twitter. I post which chapters to read and then I periodically post questions, quotes, thoughts. I invite you to do the same! To participate, simply send your thoughts, questions, comments, and use the hashtag #RedwallReads. Simple as that!

If you don’t happen to have the books, check out Amazon for the paperback or the Kindle versions!

Check back often for the most up-to-date musings and thoughts!

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