Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Drops

The powers-that-be at Star Wars dropped a tantalizing trailer today at D23, Disney’s official fan club. It’s set the internet abuzz, especially from people speculating about Rey’s fate at the end of this last trilogy for the Skywalker clan. Check out the trailer for yourself!

I am quite curious to see how this will play out. Does Rey go dark? What’s the deal with her new lightsaber? I’ve read an interesting theory, one I’m sure many others have speculated on, that Rey turns dark while her counterpart Kylo Ren turns toward the light. Many hints have been dropped throughout the first two movies, and it definitely would come as a surprise.

This Star Wars trailer is sure to set off more speculation in the corners of the internet. The trailer pays homage to many of the iconic characters and scenes throughout the original series. Then we see a montage of footage from the two previous trilogy films and lastly the footage from the new movie. We even catch a glimpse of General Leia (I’m probably not the only one who will tear up at this sight in the upcoming movie).

Here’s hoping The Rise of Skywalker finishes this iconic Star Wars trilogy with an excellent film. While some might denigrate how these films have come to fruition, I for one am looking forward to seeing how this ends.

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