The Nerdist Podcast that Had Me Chuckling

Last year the hit show Futurama came back for a brief moment, albeit in podcast form. This coincided with the release of the mobile game Worlds of Tomorrow, which, like The Simpsons version of the same freemium game offers fans a chance to visit their favorite worlds in a different way. Podcast extraordinaire Chris Hardwick first approached the Futurama team to record a podcast version of the popular show. Fortunately for us, the team agreed, and now we have Radiorama! The show premiered as an episode of Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast.

According to Vulture, the plot

is a suitably meta affair. Written by Cohen and Futurama staffers Ken Keeler and Patric M. Verrone, the story kicks off with news of a podcast revival for All My Circuits, the parodic soap-opera-within-the-show, but it soon transitions into a universe-in-threat affair featuring a villain named Klaxxon, a sentient audio wave made up of the sum of all 21st-century podcasts.

Without giving too much away, we also encounter Bender’s mother for the first time. The episode brings back to life much of what I loved about the original series: creative writing, zany antics, fun character dialogue and interactions, and a comical plotline.

Check out the podcast below. Note that there are a few references to Worlds of Tomorrow. Rather, a lot of references to the game. But it’s a fun way to waste an hour as you’re doing something else. Enjoy!



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